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Construction Product Marketing, LLC, offers a unique combination of Product Knowledge, Engineering Expertise, and Industry Experience giving them the ability to offer solutions during the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure. Their understanding of Products, Services, Engineering, and Equipment will help develop creative solutions for clients and customers.

Partners Chris MacDonald and Mike Ambroziak have over 35 years combined experience specializing in both water distribution and wastewater collection mechanical product sales, engineering, assessment and rehabilitation systems.

Chris MacDonald graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and started his career in sales, providing specification and design support for consultants and clients throughout the Midwest and Southwest on water and wastewater projects. His specialty is valves and mechanical systems and has been involved in material management on large scale water and wastewater treatment plans, lift stations, pump stations, well sites and pipelines.

Mike Ambroziak, P.E. graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree and subsequently earned his Professional Engineering license in the state of Arizona. After graduation, Mike worked in engineering providing design and construction management on water and wastewater projects for both private and municipal clients in Arizona. His specialized experience on pipeline design, installation, assessment and rehab includes developing and implementing both distribution and transmission water main condition assessment and rehabilitation projects.

In 2010 Chris MacDonald founded CPM with the goal to provide quality service and products in the mechanical sector of the water/wastewater industry.

After three successful years of business, Mike and Chris became partners and expanded their offerings with infrastructure assessment, maintenance, and rehab technologies and services. CPM prides itself in providing innovative products and reliable services to clients looking to maintain and extend the life of their infrastructure.

Our staff is trained for performing work in challenging conditions, such as confined spaces, traffic right-of-way, and underwater applications. We have invested in equipment for potable water CCTV investigations, as well as metallic wall thickness measurements. In addition to manned and robotic pipeline inspection and assessment, CPM also provides installation, startup, maintenance, and repair on air release valves, isolation valves, automatic control valves, and water storage containment facilities.

CPM also has provided a number of pipeline rehabilitation technologies to clients over the past 9 years of operations.

Whether it is a gravity or pressurized pipe, water, wastewater, air, or gas, CPM has products and technologies to provide spot repairs or long-distance rehabilitation solutions.

CPM can support the needs of rehabilitation design, product selection, installation, and startup. Our project footprint for pipeline rehab spans across the United States, and for pipelines as deep as 800 feet underground. We look forward to working with you to extend the life of your water & wastewater infrastructure with efficient technologies and products.

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