CPM brings a turnkey solution to clients with air release and vacuum valve service and maintenance needs.

Over the past 10 years, CPM has performed maintenance, repair, and replacement to over 1,000 air release and vacuum valves, for a variety of clients in the water and wastewater industry. CPM has invested in equipment and parts to conduct this work inside of facilities and plants, but also outside the walls where confined space entry and work within traffic areas is required.

When completing these air release valves services, CPM provides assessment scores for each of the assets and can incorporate them into an ESRI based GIS database that can easily be added to an existing GIS system. CPM also offers a number of replacement air release and vacuum valve options to those clients to provide a long-term solution for their distribution and collection system.

Providing a comprehensive approach to maintaining air release valves in water and wastewater systems.

We have the service staff & equipment for air release valves and the ability to provide innovative air release valves, this sets our approach apart from others in the industry.

CPM has a number of on-call contracts in place with numerous municipal clients that have cooperative language for easily setting up a contract to perform these services.

Air Release Valve Services
Air Release Valve Services
Air Release Valve Services

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