Bracelet Pipeline Inspections Texas

Bracelet Pipeline Inspections Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

Construction Product Marketing (CPM) was recently contracted with a consulting company out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area to complete an inspection and assessment for one of their local hospital clients.

The technology that was needed was a magnetic bracelet probe pipeline inspection to determine the internal and external corrosion that was happening on condenser supply and return lines which keep the cooling units at the hospital cool and operational.

The challenge with the pipeline inspection was that all 6 units are running full time currently with the summer heat.  Taking them off line even one at a time was not an option.

Utilizing a Bracelet Probe allows the wall thickness of the steel pipe to be determined while the pipeline is in service and fully operational.  Over the course of approximately 12 hours three segments of pipe in the piping gallery were able to be scanned and data collected.

Each location exhibited 90 percent wall loss and the pipes were severely corroded.

Following the pipeline inspection the results of the scan were verified using ultrasonic thickness testing at the locations identified as critical in the survey.  Once the results were verified a full report was generated and delivered to the client about three days following the inspection.  That information will be used to make a determination in replacing or rehabilitating the pipes.

CPM is available to provide a scope and fee for similar situations and mobilize quickly to do Bracelet Probe inspections for clients throughout the United States.

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