Condor Short Pipe Gravity Sewer Rehab, Nogales AZ

Condor Short Pipe Gravity Sewer Rehab, Nogales AZ

Construction Product Marketing (CPM) was approached by the City of Nogales to provide an innovative solution for the rehabilitation of an 8” PVC and Concrete gravity sewer line that went below the Rail Road and into a manhole located in the wash.  The sewer line had partially collapsed about 30 feet from the down stream manhole which was under the side embankment of the concrete wash channel.  Because of the partial collapse of the sewer line traditional Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) was not a viable option.  Other options were ruled out because of the manhole location in the wash, excavation in the area was impossible.  The solution would have to be able to pull through the partial collapse and be installed utilizing the existing Manhole structures.

CPM introduced Nogales to the CB-45 Cable pulling machine and the Condor Short pipe gravity sewer rehab system.

The concept for repairing a collapsed sewer line is simple:

✓ First set up the CB-45 cable puller through a manhole inserted bracing system and on top of the up stream manhole.
✓ Second pull a 1-inch steel cable through from the upstream manhole into the down stream manhole.
✓ Third, attach a rolling splitter head to allow for static bursting between manholes.
✓ Fourth, thread the condor short pipes (available 6” through 24” and in 19” Lay Length or 38” Lay Length) to the rolling splitter head.
✓ Finally, use the CB-45 to pull the pipes in one at a time stopping to thread the next pipe every 19 or 38 inches.

Within just a few short hours the new line was fully inserted into and through the existing line and partial collapse.  The manholes were then sealed and patched putting the pipe back in service.  No bypass was required and most of the work was completed with live flow.

The sewer line repair project was completed on budget and as promised.  This is the first collapsed sewer pipeline installation of this kind anywhere in the United States.  CPM is available to provide a scope and fee for similar situations and mobilize quickly to make these type of repairs for clients throughout the United States.

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