CPM provides both sales and service utilizing the latest in leak detection technology.

Quickly and efficiently locate leaks on distribution system piping, water transmission mains, services, or other critical water infrastructure with the help of CPM and our leak detection service team. Providing leak detection for clients for over 5 years, we are always utilizing the latest in technology.

CPM utilizes leak correlating loggers that can be deployed overnight when the system is quiet and will collect the leak data then display it the next day over laid on a google earth map for determining both location as well as necessary tools, equipment, and labor that will be required to open the location up and make the repair to the leaking water main.

For immediate results CPM uses live correlators and ground listening microphones to pinpoint live leaks that have already surfaced but are difficult to locate because of on site conditions like bedding or poly wrap that allows the leak to run before surfacing.

CPM works with clients throughout the southwest and internationally to assist with these locating services. CPM can also provide long term programs performing leak surveys to help clients reduce their overall non revenue water which in turn will save money and improve service reliability for a clients customers.

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Denver Water, CO - Street View 6'' Cast Iron Bell Leak (1)
Denver Water, CO - Green Leak Loggers (1)

Leak Detection Services Help Cities and Municipalities:

  • Reduce Non Revenue Water
  • It helps you capture water that has been produced but is not being billed
  • Stops active leaks that can damage property and endanger lives
  • Prevents other underground utilities in the area from being exposed
  • Or their back fill being undercut and damaging the surrounding systems

CPM can deploy quickly to prevent damage in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas with branches in each state.

The latest leak detection technology is utilized that will increase the likelihood that the leak location will be positively identified quickly and cost effectively. CPM is able to perform system surveys on miles of pipe per day vs most other services that are limited to their reach, as we use correlating loggers that can be deployed multiple times daily to collect many miles of pipe leak data.

We are highly responsive and our mobilization rates are minimal compared to other companies. CPM is capable of completing small call outs for single leaks as well as large scale and scope projects requiring weeks or months on site to collect the necessary information to identify leak locations throughout a clients system.

In addition, because CPM offers both equipment and services, we are able to perform live demonstrations on the equipment for clients prior to them making purchase decisions. Clients are able to see the equipment in action live and actually use it to locate actual live leaks before making any decisions.

In addition to leak detection services, CPM can also offer assessment and GIS related services at the same time they are collecting leak detection data or information.

Simple hydrant and valve assessments are easily completed at the same time and all the critical information and location data can be collected, stored, and transferred to a clients GIS system at the completion of the project.

Contact our office to get a quote or scope and fee for either services or equipment. Whether a client needs a simple ground microphone or a complex survey, we can help.


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