Municipex Products

CPM is a Distributor of MUNICIPEX Products

MUNICIPEX products are engineered specifically for water service line applications that run from the main to residential and commercial structures.

Manufactured by REHAU, MUNICIPEX water service is offered in diameters 3/4 to 2 in. and in coil lengths of up to 1,000 ft (304.8 m). Their products are backed by a 25-year limited warranty giving you peace of mind.

MUNICIPEX water service certifications and listings

  • Produced to CTS (Copper Tube Size) SDR9
  • Compatible with AWWA C800 fittings.
  • Certified to AWWA C904
  • Certified to CSA B137.5
  • Certified to ASTM F876
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 14 and 61 (NSF-pw)
  • Tested in accordance with UV resistance to ASTM F2657 for a period of 1 year
  • Meets chlorine resistance requirements of ASTM F876, when tested in accordance with ASTM F2023
  • Compatible with AWWA C800, ASTM F1055 electrofusion and Philmac® fittings.

Minimum burst pressure requirements

  • 475 psi @ 73.4°F (3,310 kPa @ 23°C)
  • 210 psi @ 180°F (690 kPa @ 82.2°C)
  • 180 psi @ 200°F (550 kPa @ 93.3°C)

Temperature and pressure ratings

  • 200 psi @ 73.4°F (1,380 kPa @ 23°C)*
  • 160 psi @ 73.4°F (1,105 kPa @ 23°C)
  • 100 psi @ 180°F (690 kPa @ 82°C)

*Continuous-use ratings using design factor of 0.63.  See REHAU Technical Bulletin 239 for clarification.

Municipex Technical Spec Downloads




MUNICIPEX Limited Warranty 855.019 US,CA/en

MUNICIPEX Water Service Pipe PS110

PEX Force Main Specification AWWA C904 (MUNICIPEX Force Main Pipe)

South Blount Utility District Reference Project 855.910

MUNICIPEX Chlorine Resistance TB229

Public Sanitary Utility Sewerage Piping Specification (MUNICIPEX Force Main Pipe)

MUNICIPEX Certifications and Listings 855.645

Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority Reference Project 855.936

Tracer Wire on MUNICIPEX Pipe TB270

PEX vs PERT Flyer 855.776

Water Service Line Specification (MUNICIPEX)

PEXa Water Service Line Specification AWWA C904 (MUNICIPEX)

MUNICIPEX vs Copper 855.850

Chemical Compatibility of MUNICIPEX Pipe TB268

MUNICIPEX Pressure Loss Tables 855.746

City of Thompson Reference Project 855.911

AWWA C904 Committee Report on PEX

MUNICIPEX Pre-insulated Pipe PS112

MUNICIPEX Force Main Pipe PS113

MUNICIPEX vs. HDPE Infographic

Electrofusion Fittings MUNICIPEX TB258

Service Saddles for Use with 2in. MUNICIPEX Pipe TB259

MUNICIPEX Brochure 855.741 CA/fr

MUNICIPEX Pull Out Test Results

MUNICIPEX References North America

City of St Zotique Reference Project 855.903

MUNICIPEX vs Copper Infographic

REHAU PEXa Elevated Temperature Applications TB230

MUNICIPEX Approval Status, Canada

MUNICIPEX Product Catalog 855.300

MUNICIPEX Brochure 855.741 US, CA/en

MUNICIPEX Pressure and Temperature Rating TB239

Electric Heat Cable on RAUPEX and MUNICIPEX Pipe TB161

Safety Data Sheet For REHAU Mechanical and Plumbing System Components TB214

MUNICIPEX Installation Guide 855.622

Impact of Water Quality on System Components TB240

REHAU PEXa UV Resistance TB218

Pressure Testing of MUNICIPEX Pipe TB260

Insert Stiffeners with MUNICIPEX TB251

MUNICIPEX vs PEXb 855.860


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