New Partnership with PICA (Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corporation) & CPM

CPM is excited to announce a strategic partnership with PICA (Pipeline Inspection and Condition Analysis Corporation) based out of Alberta, Canada. Over the past 8 years, CPM has been working to bring clients best in class technology related to pipeline condition assessments and inspection services. Our new agreement with PICA allows us to advance our goals and offer enhanced water and wastewater inspection and assessment services to our regional clients in the Midwest and Western portion of the United States.

PICA has been performing condition assessments of pipelines in the USA and Canada since the early 1990’s. Their specialty is a unique electromagnetic technology, contained in flexible, pressure sealed, in-line inspection tools, that allow ferritic pipelines (ductile iron, cast-iron and steel) to be inspected for corrosion pits, graphitic corrosion, eroded areas and cracks. Customers who take a proactive approach to assess the condition of their pipelines using these tools have reported savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in one case over $10,000,000!

In addition to helping CPM bring more tools to our clients for pipeline assessments and inspections, CPM has also expanded their operations to the Midwest region and will be providing PICA clients in the Southwest, Midwest, and Westcoast local support for their services and mobilization of field crews for pipeline inspections, installations, repairs and maintenance. Helping clients keep costs down by having local and easily mobilized crews ensures quicker response times for clients and lower costs for pipeline inspections and maintenance.

Our PICA Partnership Focus

CPM will be specifically focused on PICA’s RECON+ free swimming leak detection and acoustic anomaly inspection “smarter ball” and PICA’s wall thickness scanning array (Bracelet Probe). For additional information on these or other assessment and inspection technologies or to book a project contact either of the two companies or one of the managing partners at CPM:

Chris MacDonald, Cell: (480) 206-2309

Mike Ambroziak, P.E. Cell: (602) 228-5040

We look forward to presenting new technology options available through our PICA partnership to our clients and continually expanding our high quality water and wastewater services to commercial properties and municipalities throughout the United States.

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