Whether it is gravity or pressure pipelines, CPM has a variety of technologies and solutions for the rehabilitation of pipelines of all materials and sizes. CPMs field services staff has supplied materials and been involved in the installation of over 200 pipeline rehabilitation projects.

For pressure pipeline rehabilitation needs, CPM has supplied over 50,000 feet of Primus Line for rehab of 6 inch to 20 inch pipelines.

Primus Line® is a polyethylene lined and coated rehab material that restores the tensile strength of a pressure pipeline, with pressure ratings as little as 5psi and as high as 900psi. Primus Line can be installed in pulls over 5,000 feet in length, pulled through 45 degree bends (and 90 degree bends in some cases), and provides a watertight, jointless, and flexible lining system that will provide service for pressure pipes for over 50 years. With installations in both water and wastewater pipelines, CPM can provide technical assistance, pricing, procurement options, and field installation support for any sized project.

Primus Line® can also be installed in pipeline over 20 inch diameter by pulling multiple liners through an existing pipe, with a manifold to terminate and connect the system to the host pipe. It is also a great option for overland emergency bypass needs, as it can be rolled out very easily thousands of feet at a time with same day termination and startup of the bypass. When the bypass is completed, the Primus Line can be rolled back onto the hose reel and stored in a small footprint area for future use.

For spot repairs of pressure and gravity pipelines, CPM has supplied and installed internal joint seals for defective joints, spot repairs, and corrosion for pipes as small as 6 inch and as large as 96 inch. CPM has the service equipment and staff available to quickly mobilize and install internal joint seals for any size and material pipelines.

Call CPM for technical information, pricing, and planning support for pipeline rehabilitation projects of any size, pipe material and diameter.

IMG_3357 - Michael Ambroziak
IMG_3711 - Michael Ambroziak
Primus Line - Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation

CPM brings a variety of solutions and technologies to our clients for pipeline rehabilitation projects that results in efficient and economic solutions for renewing their aging infrastructure.

Though our attendance at conferences, participation in AWWA pipe assessment and rehabilitation committees, and investment in equipment and technologies, CPM brings a comprehensive approach to pipeline rehabilitation for any type of pipeline.

CPM’s ability to respond quickly and provide a number of technologies for pipeline rehabilitation, for both gravity and pressure systems, results in satisfied clients looking to renew their aging infrastructure.


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