Predl Hybrid PVC FRP Manhole Rehab, Mesa AZ

Predl Hybrid PVC FRP Manhole Rehab, Mesa AZ

Construction Product Marketing (CPM) recently completed a project with the City of Mesa (COM) and Hunter contracting to fully rehabilitate a 6’ deep manhole structure near Clearwater and Superstation Springs Blvd. The manhole was badly deteriorated and had been evaluated and selected for rehabilitation by PEC consulting.

After evaluating many different manhole repair solutions the City of Mesa decided to utilize the Predl Hybrid PVC FRP Manhole rehab system. The Predl Hybrid PVC manhole rehab system requires the removal of the original manhole cone section.  Once the manhole cone is remove the base is replaced with a new FRP insert that was designed from a prior 3D scan that was taken of the manhole by CPM during the design phase to ensure an exact fit.

The new PVC riser pipe is then placed on the new base line and sealed with mastic.  Finally a new FRP lined flat top is placed on top, the riser is grouted in to the existing riser structure to secure it in place and fill the annular space between the two.  Once the annular space is filled the rest of the excavation is slurry backfilled to the top, then the grade rings and frame and cover placed.

Once in place the pavement is repaired and the client in just a couple of days, through the hard work of Hunter Contracting, Predl, and CPM, has a new FRP PVC manhole that will last for up to 100 years.

Great job by the entire team to take on this new manhole technology repair!

CPM is available to provide a scope and fee for similar situations and mobilize quickly to make these type of repairs for clients throughout the United States.

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