Predl Hybrid PVC Manhole, Queen Creek AZ

Predl Hybrid PVC Manhole, Queen Creek AZ

Construction Product Marketing (CPM) has been working to introduce the Predl PVC manhole system to the southwest and west coast for about two years since it’s introduction into the market.

In early 2020, one of many installations occurred in the Town of Queen Creek AZ.  CPM worked with the local contractor Garney Construction to supply and supervise the installation of the PVC manhole which was the first installation the town had completed in order to evaluate the new Predl System as a replacement for standard manholes.

The PVC manhole structure consists of:

✓ A Fully integral FRP lined base (bench and invert)
✓ A C905 PVC pipe riser that is DR51 or about 1” thick
✓ And a fully integral FRP line flat top

The top is then stacked out like a traditional manhole with grade rings and a frame and cover.  The PVC manhole replacement project went as planned and the PVC manhole was installed with just these three components in just a few short hours adding to the growing list of clients utilizing the CPM Predl system.

CPM is available to provide a scope and fee for similar situations and mobilize quickly to make these type of PVC manhole repairs for clients throughout the United States.

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