Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

Flexible Technology for the Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pressure Pipes

Primus Line® is an innovative technology for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines for different media such as water, gas and oil.

The Primus Line® is bendable, light and easy to transport with the material strength of a steel pipeline.

Because of the Primus Line’s flexibility it opens up a variety of rehab applications without having to trench and remove pipeline around your city or commercial property. All that’s needed are two small excavation pits or access points for rehabilitating a deteriorated section of pipe. Thus reducing the conventional pipeline replacement noise, traffic disturbances, time-consuming reconstruction as well as environmental and economic impacts to surrounding greenscape and businesses.

Primus Line® is suitable for the transportation of various liquids including potable water, reclaimed water and wastewater. Primus Line® holds drinking water approvals in numerous countries.

The ideal flow characteristics caused by an extremely smooth inner lining and the optimized systems for high, medium, and low pressure requirements make Primus Line® an economical solution for the rehabilitation of aging pipelines. Thus, water authorities and network operators benefit from the reliable operation and a sustainable investment in their fixed assets.

Benefits of using the Primus Line® for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation

○ Installation Speeds of up to 33 ft / min

○ Up to 8,200 ft / pull

○ Installation through multiple bends of up to 45°

○ Minimum surface prep and/or cleaning required of original host pipe

○ Fully flexible seamlessly woven Kevlar® fabric

○ Minor installation footprint

○ Decreased impact on traffic

○ No curing, steaming or adhesion process / little to no QA/QC

○ Independent of weather conditions during installation

○ 50+ year lifetime

Primus Line - Trenchless pipeline rehabilitation
Primus Line Trenchless Pipeline United States

CPM is the exclusive US distributor of Primus Line®

We stock over 10,000FT of Primus Line® pipe and necessary termination fittings in our Arizona Warehouse making us the premier provider to cities and construction companies in the US. Our product can be shipped or mobilized within days not months.

We’ve provided Primus Line® products to clients from the East coast to the West coast and everywhere in between.

Our Primus Line® products are suitable for pipeline rehab on pipes from 6″ to 20″ in diameter.

Primus Line components
Primus Line Trenchless Pipeline Stock United States
Primus Line connectors and piping
Primus Line connectors

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