Inspection of gravity sewer pipes and manholes, allows clients to quickly and inexpensively determine where their gravity sewers are located, whether or not they are blocked and require cleaning, and the condition of the manholes.

This in turn will allow them to schedule sewer cleaning based strictly on need rather than cleaning the entire system, which is typically completed on a 5 year cycle with current CMOM (capacity management, operations, and maintenance) programs to ensure reliable service and minimize SSO’s (sanitary sewer overflows).

This approach will reduce cleaning program expenses by as much as 50% alone.

Sewer and Manhole Inspection ServicesIn addition we can develop a scoring system for determining the condition of the manholes during the manhole inspections. The system can be custom or based on traditional NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) MACP (Manhole Assessment Certification Program) scoring systems.

Once the condition is developed, the GIS location of the gravity sewer mains and manholes are recorded in the GIS asset, this information can then be further utilized to develop future CIP (Capital Improvement Program) investments whether that be replacements, capacity improvements, rehabilitation projects or other needs that are determined.

This type of approach can go on to include all necessary sewer line cleaning, all required CCTV (closed circuit television) sewer camera inspections and related items. Overall this approach is quicker to implement, much less expensive, and provides reliable data for making decisions for ensuring reliable service for decades to come.

Generally speaking these type of savings can be used to add additional staffing, make additional improvements vs assessments, and create a more efficient system and program for your municipalities water and wastewater infrastructure.

Sewer and Manhole Inspection Services
Sewer and Manhole Inspection Services
Sewer and Manhole Inspection Services

CPM’s Sewer & Manhole Inspection Services Help Cities and Municipalities:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Extend the life of your water systems and equipment
  • Conserve precious water
  • Give you actionable data
  • High Quality CIP development based on actual needs of the system not arbitrary dates.
  • Optimize labor and equipment resources

We’re different than most companies who want to just put you on a standard plan for cleaning sewer and manholes.

Our services related to sewer system and manhole inspections are much more cost effective and quicker to deliver results to the client.

Rather than systematically cleaning entire systems which often is restricted by budgets, our services allow clients to focus on only what is necessary.

By eliminating up to 85% of the cleaning they are currently completing, the wear and tear on equipment is drastically reduced which extends the life of the equipment by many years further reducing capital budgets with the client.

In addition the amount of water that is wasted cleaning pipes that are already cleaned is drastically reduced conserving valuable water resources. At the same time we ensure reliable service to our clients customers and deliver high quality GIS results for historical and future maintenance purposes.

Contact our office to get a quote or scope and fee based on your wastewater system.


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