Full List of Services and Systems for Sewer & Manhole Assessments for CPM

  1. Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) (pipe in service)
    1. Quick Simple Non invasive technology to determine where cleaning is necessary throughout the system
    2. Can survey up to 20,000 feet of pipe per day
    3. Provides a GIS location of each pipe surveyed, a color coded score 0-10 of each pipe to express the level of cleaning required
    4. Simple triage level assessment to dial in system cleaning
  2. Electroscan (pipe in service)
    1. Used in lieu of CCTV for non ferrous pipe materials
    2. Quickly determines the areas throughout the pipe and or joints that are damaged and leaking
    3. Can provide a score as to the level of leakage occurring
    4. Will identify areas of concern not visible to CCTV inspection systems
    5. Can be performed on large pipes and small and are currently expanding the size range they offer
  3. Force Main Condition Assessment Services (pipe in service)
    1. First CPM utilizes air pocket locating technology to determine the locations in the force main most likely to exhibit corrosion
    2. Once air pockets are identified (with the pipe in service) the crown of the pipes are exposed and a 3D scan is performed on the pipe wall
    3. 3D scan of the pipe wall is performed utilizing an electro mag bracelet ferroscope to give an immediate condition of the pipe wall, wall thickness, and determine useful remaining life of the pipe
    4. Bracelet inspections can be done on any other metal surface throughout the clients sewer system to determine remaining wall thickness
  4. Sewer Air Valve Assessment, Repairs, Maintenance and Replacements (pipe in service)
    1. Isolate each air valve and determine if the valve is operational
    2. If the valve is not functioning properly and releasing air assume there is an air pocket and pipe wall assessment is required at that location to determine damage that has occurred to the pipe wall
    3. Dis assemble the air valve and inspect for necessary cleaning and or repairs
    4. Clean and make necessary repairs to each valve
    5. If the valve is not able to be repaired replace in kind
    6. Monitor the system capacity before and after the service work to evaluate capacity issues and whether or not they have been fully resolved based on the air valve work
  5. Manhole inspections and GIS locating services (pipe in service)
    1. Either independently or while performing SL-RAT surveys
    2. GIS locate each manhole or structure throughout the gravity sewer system
    3. Take photographs that are stored with the asset record for future reference
    4. Collect condition assessment information on each manhole structure using NASSCO or other client generated criteria
    5. Report the information with color coding in the GIS data file to distinguish between good and bad locations
    6. Combine the GIS manhole inspection and assessment data with the SL-RAT condition data to form a visual representation of the entire gravity sewer system and each manhole structure
  6. I-Track Monitoring
    1. Cellular based remote system monitoring
    2. Monitor system flows
    3. Track back I&I throughout the system to pinpoint areas of inflow and infiltration
    4. System Model Verification
    5. Utilizes the condition data to develop a predictive cleaning program vs scheduled systematic cleaning that waste water, equipment and labor resources
    6. Capacity evaluations and monitoring
  7. Scheduling all required cleaning and CCTV work based on the SL RAT survey and data collection in conjunction with I-Track system flow monitoring

CPM can also perform manned inspections when required and support the confined space entry and other aspects of the work.

In addition to these very innovative new approaches and technologies for assessment, CPM also provides many innovative new rehabilitation methods and technologies including:

  1. Predl Hybrid PVC Manholes
    1. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgrQWX-S_RJPPXl7gmQ
    2. Photos of a recent installation above in California, also installed in Pima County, Marana, and soon to be many other cities around the valley and state.
  2. Predl Hybrid PVC manhole riser inserts for Manhole Rehab
    1. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgrQWX-S_RJPPXl7gmQ
    2. Recent installation in Gilbert.  Already planning our second installation at Candlewood Lift Station
  3. Predl FRP Structure rehab panels
    1. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgqxQ3BZhpaspvEUFMg
    2. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgqxQ3BZhpaspvEUFMg
    3. Photos from recent rehab of a large station in whistler, working on multiple projects around AZ
  4. Condor Pipe Bursting
    1. Manhole to Manhole splitting bursting technology
    2. Allows a client to upsize an existing gravity sewer system without excavating
    3. New Technology that was just introduced to the US market by CPM
    4. Up to 16” diameter available
  5. Primus Liner
    1. 6” to 20” sizes
    2. Pressure rated up to 900psi
    3. Designed for pressure applications like force mains
    4. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgq0fldZSEBXH8MPbyQ
    5. Link above to the first of 4 phases of work with Global Water in maricopa rehabilitating a 16” PVC water main failing after just 10 years of service due to poor installation
  6. HDPE Agru Liners
    1. T-Lock is no longer in business and repair materials are no longer available
    2. Agru liner is an HDPE liner system for new structures or rehabilitating existing pipes or structures that will replace T-Lock
    3. Tensile strength 6x greater than T-Lock
    4. Fusion welded HDPE joints
    5. https://1drv.ms/a/s!Av2bOCoa3SYUgrI5ZcfXwa9QkznK1g

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