1.  Prices are valid for thirty (30) days from date of quote.

2.  Quoted lead times are estimates only.  Actual lead time may vary due to fluctuation of stock at time of order.

3.  START‐UP.  Any on‐site start‐up required will be charged at $1,750 minimum per trip, per day.

4.  PURCHASE ORDERS. Email purchase orders to Construction Product Marketing –  Megan Ambroziak (megan@constructionproductmarketing.com)

5.  PAYMENT.  Payment is due 100% net 30 days after invoice date.  No retainage or portion of the  amount due may be held for any reason. Payment is not contingent on payment from or approval of any  third party.  Finance charges of 1.5% will accrue monthly on unpaid invoices.  All orders and shipments  are subject to credit approval. Waivers of lien will be provided upon request after full payment is  received.  Remittance should be to Construction Product Marketing, 3625 E Atlanta Ave, Suite #2, Phoenix, AZ 85040.   If Buyer fails to pay Seller as specified herein, Buyer agrees to pay all collection costs,  attorney fees and expenses incurred in collecting payment, including interest at the maximum legal rate.  Buyer will pay all transportation, insurance and similar charges incident to delivery of products.  Quoted  prices may increase if shipment is delayed beyond scheduled shipping date due to Buyer’s delay.  If you  are paying by Credit Card, there will be a 5% Transaction Fee added to the total amount due.

6.  TAXES.  Quoted prices exclude sales, use or other taxes.  Where applicable, all taxes will be billed to  Buyer at time of shipment, unless Buyer provides proper exemption documentation before shipment is  invoiced.

7.  SHIPMENTS.  Unless otherwise noted, quoted price is F.O.B. shipping point with freight to be prepay  and add to invoice unless otherwise stated on customers purchase order. Material being shipped from  stock in our Phoenix Warehouse will incur a $50.00 Handling & Delivery fee for local deliveries.  Orders  from our local stock of $2,000.00 or more will be Full Freight Allowed.   Buyer will pursue claims directly  with carrier for products received that were damaged in transit.  Each shipment will be accompanied by  a packing list. Buyer will check shipment against packing list and report any shortages and discrepancies  in writing to CPM within 5 business days after receipt.

8.  CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS.  Buyer may cancel orders (at a reasonable time frame of placing order)  unless they are special order items which are Non‐Returnable, Non‐Refundable.  Canceling of orders  must be done with the prior written consent of CPM.  Items may be returned within One year of  purchase date provided they are in new condition, not Non‐Returnable Special items.  There will be a  20% Re‐stocking fee, plus freight to and from for all returned items.

9. SUBMITTALS/OM MANUALS.  All Submittals and OM Manuals will be furnished Electronically.

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